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Fragant Mist

Use test

Eau Parfumante  
Consumers’ opinion 1  
› Pleasant scent 84%
› Sensation fo freshness 100%
› Toning effect 79%
1Self-assessment on 19 women after a daily application, for 3 weeks

Fragant Mist

Fresh burst of citrus


All skin types
Flacon 100 ml


This scented mist is a subtle combination of energising and toning extracts with active ingredients designed to moisturize* and smooth the skin. A fresh burst of citrus, fusing sparkling lemon, sweet orange and the energy of grapefruit, flooding the body with a feeling of vitality and wellness. Discreetly scented, the skin is left pampered and conditioned by aloe vera and plant-based hyaluronic acid, becoming soft, smooth and silky to the touch. Give your skin a treat!

*the outer layers of the skin

Cosmetological advice

Spray on the body, on clean dry skin. Spread by lightly massaging into the skin. 

› For all skin types

›100 ml bottle - 3,38 Fl. OZ

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