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Lait-Crème Fluid 2.54 Fl.OZ

Use test

Lait-Crème Fluid
Effectiveness 9/10
› Essential nourishing and repairing skincare 9/10
› The skin is protected 8/10
› Simple and effective formula 10/10
› Quickly replenishes skin lipids for the whole body 9/10
Comfort 8/10
› The skin is soft and comfortable 8/10
Tolerance 9/10
› The product is well tolerated, even by the most sensitive skin 9/10
Average score 8,8/10

Lait-Crème Fluid 2.54 Fl.OZ

The smart multifunctional travel size


Multi-function nourishing moisturizer
All skin types
75 ml tube - 2.54 Fl.OZ


A lighter version of the famous Lait-Crème Concentré that contains the same natural, nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients. Quickly absorbed, it leaves skin smooth, soft and supple. A velvety-smooth lotion that replenishes the moisture your skin needs. Can be used as a body moisturizer*, facial make-up remover, soothing after-sun, after-shave care. Ideal for all skin types climates.

* The outer layers of the skin


Apply liberally to dry skin as needed.

2 volumes : 

  • 16.9 Fl.OZ pump bottle 
  • 2.54 Fl.OZ tube (travel size)

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