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The eye contour  


A fragile area

In addition to its relative fineness compared to the thickness of the skin on the rest of the body, the eye-contour area also has limited defensive means against daily aggressions it is faced with. It contains very little sebum glands and therefore, produces less protective film.

It is permanently aggressed by different factors:

  • Skin cares and make-up removers, too often done with non-adapted products

  • Ultraviolet rays to which it is exposed every day of the year

  • Eyes and eyelids movements that participate to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Polluting agents, dust, tobacco…

These daily micro-aggressions can induce allergies, red marks, skin dryness, itches and swells, but they also constantly contribute to the appearance of ageing signs.

Dark circles

Dark circles, either brown or blue, are not from the same origin and will not be visible on the same type of people.

Brown circles are due to the accumulation of pigments under the skin, they will often have a genetic and ethnic origin.

However, blue circles are caused by the extreme fineness of the skin showing the blood vessels in transparency. This will not only be due to heredity, it will also be enhanced by tobacco, alcohol or lack of sleep.

The appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes is majorly due to a bad blood circulation and lymphatic tissues disorders. The lymph is responsible for the drainage of the tissues; if it doesn’t circulate properly, the elimination of pigments regrouped under the skin is not done correctly. Dark circles are delimited by the eyelid on the top and the cheekbone at the bottom. It is an area that is very mobile, and solicited each time we blink, cry, smile, crease our eyes… each time we live our lives!!

Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes have a completely different origin. Under the dermis, we have a sort of padding made of muscles, fat, nerves and vessels. The volume of this pad varies during the day. In the morning, after waking, blood is concentrated in the face (because of the lying down position) and this padding is puffy. During the day, the swell diminishes and the bag vanishes. In this case, the eye-puffiness is due to the lymphatic circulation slowing down.

These daily volume variations stretch the skin out; the pad is no longer maintained in its position and slips towards the cheek, leading to a hollow ring.

With cases of permanent bags, where the volume does not vary during the day, we then talk about fatty hernia.

How to take care of the eye-contour area

For eyelids and eye-contour, there is nothing like using specific products subject to skin tolerance tests and eligible to much stricter hypoallergenic norms than other cosmetic products.

Most face products, for day or night use, are too rich and non-adapted to the eye contour. Nourishing agents contained in high quantity in these types of products, can lead to an eyelid swell upon application.

One also needs to be careful with the composition of the product chosen. Long lists of ingredients are packed with components, not always indispensable, that pointlessly make the skin more sensitive.

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