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A perfect complexion lesson in 4 steps

According to your age and skin type, you have specific needs. This complexion lesson will help you find the adapted care in order to obtain a perfect complexion.


Step 1 : Cleansing, exfoliating

Cleansing is the first beauty gesture, without which other gestures do not have the same beneficial impact. It allows the skin to get rid of make-up and impurities

Dry skins tend to prefer make-up removers that are lotions or oil-based, while normal to oily skins perfectly tolerate water-based formulas.

It is essential to continue cleaning the skin until the cotton is impeccable, as dirt leftovers stop other following skincares from acting in an optimal way, in the morning or at night

To eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin on a regular basis, it is advised to do a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week.

Step 2 : Moisturizing

A well-moisturized skin is left smooth, and captures light better. An optimum water content is an essential condition, and often a sufficient one, to get a radiant skin that looks splendidly healthy.

Another advantage : moisturizing helps to fight against daily aggressions that make the skin look colourless and irregular, a fact directly related to the water evaporation.

Dry skins will need “cream” formulas that nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving it beautiful and comfortable, while combination to oily skins need gel lotions with lighter textures.

Step 3 : Enhancing the look

This step is essential before using proper make-up.

It consists in applying different products to sublimate the face, before setting any colour. Different types of products can intervene in this step :

  • Make-up bases that assure an impeccable holding of the make-up while adding skin benefits (energising, enlightening, radiance and moisturizing boosts…)

  • Eye-contour adapted cares that rest the look, by eliminating dark circles and puffy-eyes and fighting against dehydration fine lines

  • Blur-effect products that make defaults vanish on the skin surface, such as fine lines and open pores, to unify the complexion

Step 4 : Make-up

A pretty make-up is a natural looking one.

The first step consists in working on the complexion. Applying tinted products on the entire face is less commonly used. Professionals prefer a partial application directly on imperfection zones : the sides of the nose to limit shade effects, the chin and other red zones, on spots, imperfections and eyelids to better set the eye-shadows.

Tinted products that are between care and make-up exist; it is the case of BB Cream and CC Cream. These products unify the complexion and bring colour while moisturizing and protecting the epidermis from the sun.

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