Active Water

Multi-function face mist

  • An ionized water mist that soothes, brightens, protects and cleanses the face and eyes, in one simple move.

    Active Water is a 100% active water with a unique composition thanks to its richness in mineral salts and negatively charged ions.

    Derived from a patented Japanese technology and officially acknowledged as effective for human health in Japan and Korea, it has been the subject of numerous scientific publications on its effectiveness in the hospital sector. Its benefits have been approved by Japanese pharmacopoeia for many years, and dermatologists use it to treat numerous skin conditions.

    Embryolisse have adapted this technology for cosmetic use, and the result is a small miracle for the skin: more than just water, Active Water is a multi-function skin care product that combines all the benefits of a thermal and micellar water.

    Soothes, Illuminates and Protects.

    • Active Water provides a great feeling of well-being. Thanks to its small water molecules, it limits dehydration and comforts the skin, giving it a more rested look.
    • Pores are less visible; the complexion is even and radiant.
    • It protects the skin by strengthening the cutaneous barrier.

    Anti-Pollution, Cleanser – Make-up Remover.

    • Active Water rids the skin of all bacteria, impurities and particles of pollution that suffocate it: its negative ions coat and repel them, avoiding any damage to the skin.
    • It gently but effectively removes make-up from both the face and eyes. The skin is clearer, fresher and more radiant.


    One SINGLE PRODUCT with several uses:

    • Morning and evening as a calming and protective FACE MIST, or as a radiance booster: spray, leave for a few seconds and then pat gently.
    • Morning and evening as a MAKE-UP REMOVER-CLEANSING MIST: spray and remove with a cotton pad as many times as necessary.

    Next, apply usual daily skin care products.
    Not to be used as a make-up setting spray.

  • Minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium. Negative ions.
    Tolerance tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

  • Aqua (water), Mineral salts.

    The list of ingredients used in the Embryolisse products are regularly updated. Before using Embryolisse products, please read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

  • Consumers’ opinion1
    › Softer skin 81%
    › Does not dry out the skin 86%
    › Skin is soothed 77%
    The efficiency test2
    › More even luminous complexion 100%
    › More even skin tone 100%
    › Anti-fatigue 91%
    › Pores are less visible 82%
    1 Self-evaluation of 22 volunteers after twice-daily application over 21 days.
    2 Clinical scoring performed on 22 volunteers after 21 days of use.